My name is Kelly Parke.

Let me tell you more about my creative self
and the Full Stack Designer hat I wear.

What is a Full Stack Designer?

Creating, strategizing and distributing every stage of deliverable across all media channels - print, digital, web, and motion - with research, creative process, illustration, design, coding in HTML/CSS/JS, and effective marketing plans.

I   what I do.

But what does that mean for you, my potential employer?
It means that, behind my smiley demeanor is an action inciter, ready to hit the ground running. My absolute passion is to take complex information and communicate it visually - bringing that kind of energy and know-how to the table, backed with solid experience. Combined with a sense of humor, work ethic and empathy, I tend to play well with others, mentor and inspire - as a team asset or solo creative.

But don't take my word for it, please check out my education and resume below, as well as the testimonial page with long-term clients, former employers and colleagues. Recommendations are also available.

Education & Work History

education for kelly parke

Judson University,
6 Years of Education in Illustration, Graphic Design, Technology, & Interactive Design.

With a Design/Illustration AA from HCC, a completed BA program at Judson U to manage technology, and my recent graduation November 2018, with a Digital Media BA from Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Interactive Design - I've come full circle as a designer: print, web, digital content, and motion graphics. Transcripts available.

Even with that, you never stop learning and growing - so I'm an avid participant on Lynda.com, frequent attendee and ambassador at a global design conference, plus I love to read about EVERYTHING! As a former teacher of K-6 Technology, K-5 STE(A)M & Middle School Game Development, Graphic Design, and Coding - I've also learned a ton from children, and about myself.


Corporate Positions
Industries: Heavy Equipment & Tools, Grocery, Automotive, Technology, Medical Science Lab, Real Estate, Home & Hearth, Health Supplements

Graphically presented corporate image, brands and marketing messages. Designed inventive and eye-catching layouts, packaging, brochures, trade show booths, banners, printed sales materials, email blasts, magazine ads, multi-media presentations, signage and successful B2B2C campaigns. Designed, managed, maintained and measured corporate websites, campaigns and front-end development.


Client Work
Industries: Baked Goods, Funeral Home, Restaurants, Animal Care, Education, Custom Embroidery & Gifts

From creating logos and extensive branding, to videos, animated Facebook ads, flyers, websites, business cards, photography, marketing, brochures - to strategy, marketing plans and ROI metrics; supporting small businesses not only keeps me sharp, but it helps out my community.

Skills & Experience


Years of Experience, Effective Communication, Deadline & Detail Oriented, Creative Thinking


  • Design Strategy, Graphic & Interactive Design, Storytelling, Project Management, Marketing.
  • Adobe CC: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Media, Encoder.
  • HTML, CSS, JS, CMS/Bootstrap,UI/UX, 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi/UNO